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Song Text

Matthijs, 2007

Song Text

    De Kast - In de Wolken
    Er is een engel uit de hemel weggevlogen, toen ze alles had gedaan om weg te mogen, kwam ze met een zachte landing, in mijn warme bed terecht.
    ( De Kast - 1999 )
    Gina de Wit - Hjir is it begjin
    De eerste Friese deelname aan het Nationaal Songfestival werd op 27 februari 2000 gezongen.
    "Het gaat over een spirituele ervaring die ik heb gehad. Een jaar geleden heb ik een engel gezien en dat heeft grote invloed op mijn leven. Die ervaring heb ik geprobeerd te verwoorden in dit lied."

    Scorpions - Send me an Angel
    Here I am
    Will You send me an Angel
    Here I am
    In the Land of the morning Star
    ( Klaus Meine - 1990 )
    Venice - Always
    And an angel was flying next to me
    No hesitation
    For a moment I was free...
    ( Martin Terefe, Nick Whitecross - 1999 )

    Tracy Chapman - The only One
    I've mostly lost the voice to speak
    And any words to say except
    Does heaven have enough angels yet?
    ( Tracy Chapman - 2000 )
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Power of Love
    Dreams are like angels,
    They keep bad at bay
    bad at bay
    ( Gill, Johnson, Nash, O'Toole - 1984 )

    Bob Dylan - Winterlude
    O, I see by the angel beside me
    That love has a reason to shine
    ( Bob Dylan - 1970 )
    Fish - Jumpsuit City
    There's a guardian angel at the window
    Staring at the corner
    ( Dick, Cassidy, Boult - 1994 )

    Jango - The Way back to Heaven
    Like the Angel booted out of paradise
    When asked replied
    I'd give up my wings and do anything
    To get back inside
    ( Le Gassick, Price, Nieves - 2000 )
    Melissa Etheridge - It's only Me
    I found a little angel
    who had fallen from the sky
    And I took that little angel
    and I taught her how to fly
    When the night is done
    and the morning comes
    It's only me
    ( Melissa Etheridge, - 2001 )

    Nick Cave - Into My Arms
    And I don't believe in the existence of angels
    But looking at you I wonder if that's true
    But if I did I would summon them together
    And ask them to watch over you
    ( Nick Cave - 1997, on the album "The Boatman's Call")